Tequila Don Julio—the original, luxury tequila and #1 favorite in Mexico—was relatively unknown in the U.S. Meanwhile, Patron—taking many cues from Don Julio—had launched luxury tequila over the border and was rapidly running away with the American market share. We needed to introduce millennials to the superior quality of Don Julio’s authentic liquid and give them a strong reason to not just believe in, but also bond with, the brand.


We created the “Make Your Move” campaign, encouraging like-minded, millennial consumers to find inspiration in the DIY story of the brand’s founder, Don Julio González, and make their own moves. We art concepted/art directed a series of 4 print advertisements that told the tale of Don Julio's journey and produced 2 commercials that brought his story to life.

We also created a series of billboard advertisements and train takeovers in major cities around the country, including New York, Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco.


In the spirit of Don Julio's legacy, we also developed a content strategy for digital to showcase on the Don Julio website called "The Collective", which highlighted a group of contemporary visionaries, craftsmen, makers, and artists who were all boldly pursuing their passion.


Tequila Don Julio quickly became the fastest-growing luxury tequila in the U.S. Sales grew 25%, during a year when the tequila category was up just 4%—and Patrón only 7%
The work was so successful that the team took home a Gold Reggie in 2015 for the print/OOH work.


Two years later, we released a video narrated by Don Julio the man himself, with quotes directly taken from an interview held with him years before he passed away to emphasize the authenticity of the brand and its founder.

canvas POSTERS

Series of canvas posters designed for off-premise touching on the craft/artistry of the brand.



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