Parents know that bugs can be a pest. From disease carrying mosquitos to painful stinging insects, keeping kids safe outdoors can get tricky.


Meet IRB; the aloe-infused, itch relief bandage for outdoorsy rug rats. 

He’s kids’ best friend, moms’ greatest ally, and his unique shape makes him more than just a package. Combined with soothing itch relief on the inside and insect-repelling bandage protection on the outside, IRB makes sure that parents no longer have to worry about kids picking at/infecting their bites.

Parents looking for additional tips on care for specific bites can download the iPad app - which also includes a fun and interactive game for the kids! 

Print advertisements position IRB as a fun-loving protector - much more than just a bandage.

*This is a theoretical college project in which I developed everything from the initial concept of the product to execution of packaging, copy, visual identity and advertising.