Fair trade is a well-known social movement that aims to fight poverty and unfair trade on a global scale. It hit the U.S. in 1989, but here we are 23 years later, and if you were to ask random people walking down a street to define Fair Trade, only 34% of those people would be able to answer correctly.

Fair Trade is a great concept that has been fully embraced by other parts of the world, but the name brand driven U.S. has fallen far behind on this message of sustainability.


Reintroduce the idea of Fair Trade with a simple and unified message. 
JUST: a coalition of International and Domestic farmers that are Joined Under Sustainable Trade.

Create simple, branded packaging that stands off at shelf and incorporates the stories of real farmers/harvesters with JUST Breakfast Goods.

The main objective was to create loyalty behind the brand and give people the opportunity to literally wake up every morning
and stand beside a brand that not only tastes good, but does good by giving the people who created it a better life.

*This is a theoretical college project in which I developed everything from the initial concept of the product to execution of packaging, copy, visual identity and advertising.