New homeowners or redecorators who are looking to add new color to their walls often have to live with the toxic stink as the paint dries. Oftentimes, even when the paint is fully dry, that new paint smell will linger on for weeks, creating a less-than-welcoming scent in the newly decorated room.


Introduce a solution that makes scents (literally) by creating a scented paint additive to be mixed into any house paint.
Provides odor relief from the not-so-pleasant smell of drying paint by replacing it with a variety of familiar and pleasant scents.

The unique packaging was designed to look/function like a paint stir stick and can be hung up for later use.

Brand website focuses on the combination of color + scent to create different experiences/moods within a home.

Print advertisement uses scratch & sniff technology to give consumers a sample of the scented product.

*This is a theoretical college project in which I developed everything from the initial concept of the product to execution of packaging, copy, visual identity and advertising.